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t the teenager good evening. i'm juliet goodward.
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ann notarangelo is off tonight. there was new information about the teenager kaled yesterday by san francisco police. officers say he's linked to a murder case in another state. linda yee with what she just learned about the investigation here and in washington. >> reporter: just got off the phone with the police chief. he tells me tonight that the 19- year-old dead suspect was a parolee from washington. police say they did shoot and kill him in self-defense, but hours after the shooting yesterday they didn't have a weapon until they were tipped off by a you tube video. a witness video posted on you tube documents the minutes after the shooting. the suspect is down, police surround him, and the crowd
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becoming increasingly agitated. on the ground, according to the witness, a weapon missed by officers but picked up by someone in the crowd. police looked at that video, identified the person, and recovered the gun today. investigators believe it's the same .45 caliber weapon used to shoot at officers yesterday afternoon. >> he fled on foot. at this point we believe the suspect fired backwards at the officers. officers returned fire in self- defense and the suspect was struck and wounded. >> reporter: today bayview residents were angry, gathering on the platform where police first confronted the suspect. they claim the police shot an unarmed man. >> they shot that man and let him die in front of my face, in front of these kids. >> reporter: they said off service stood by and watched. the police chief say she --
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he's a 19-year-old resident and people say they want to know why he had to be shot and killed. >> you can see the frustration. there's no relationship between the community and the police department. obviously. they show up on motorcycles and in riot year. they're excited and they lost a loved one and the excitement is bringing about this. the ancestors inside them are crying out today. >> the community is hurting. we're really fragile at this particular state. i'm looking for swift, thoughtful and compassionate, as well as transparent answers and leadership from our city family. >> police continue to look into the ties that that dead suspect may have with the shootings in washington state, as well as the homicide. four agencies are looking into the events here.
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>> it's a huge investigation. okay, linda, thank you. there's a person of interest in the case of a young mother whose body was found in oak ridge neighborhood. her body was found thursday morning. friends held a fundraiser today for her funeral and for the 2- year-old son she leaves behind. anne makovec was there. >> she was very outgoing, happy. he loved her son, i'll tell you that much. >> reporter: she's speaking about her best friend who was found dead after being set on fire early thursday morning in oakland's rock ridge district. >> a human being that did this is out there, you know. that should be very alarming. >> reporter: police believe she was assaulted or even killed somewhere else first. they don't know the motive. they have no suspects. >> a human being is dead, and a human being was burned alive. as a bay area community, we need to be outraged. we cannot live in a society
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that's okay with this kind of violence against women. >> reporter: she's from union city, a 22-year-old mother of a 2-year-old son. >> one beautiful baby. one beautiful baby. >> reporter: and her baby is a large part of today's car wash fundraiser at this oakland ymca. the goal is to raise money for his future after they raise money to pay for his mother's funeral. >> they're willing to donate five or ten dollar just to help out this family in deep pain. >> reporter: that pain is apparent in monica's friend. she doesn't say much about the crime, just that there's one thing she wants. >> justice. >> reporter: long after the car wash, they're going to continue the take donations for the family at the east lake ymca. in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. the bay area soccer fans watched the women's world cup
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final on a jumbo screen. lots of cheers, a free public viewing was held at san francisco plaza. the face-off between the u.s. women and japan turned out to be quite a nailbiter from start to finish. dennis o'donnell is here with all the wrap. look at my nails, done, gone. >> the civic center is a great place to watch soccer. the city did a great job of rolling it out and the community coming together. it was a shock because the united states had never lost to japan in 25 previous meetings. twice it appeared they had won the women's world cup final. former cal star alex morgan centers it. abby wambach does it again. the u.s. leads 2-1. , but it's not sudden death. we're tied at the 117th 117th minute. so it goes to penalty kicks.
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remarkably the u.s. failed to score on each of its first three attempts. that gave japan the edge. the cup is clenched for japan. it's their first ever world cup title. few would have predicted it, but many on the outside of the u.s. are celebrating the result. >> evidently it wasn't meant to be. we worked so hard. we believed in each other through everything. the olympics are around the corner. this is obviously going to hurt for a while, but i'm proud of our team w. never gave up, and congratulations to the japan team. i'm sure they country is very, very proud of them. >> very well said by abby. i've seen it time and time again where sometimes sports can just for a brief interlude take you away from the tragedy. so much has occurred in japan. we have to salute the japanese, a huge victory for them. in jail for about as long as her daughter was alive is
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now out amongst the public. the people waiting for casey anthony has she left jail. why many want to say they wanted to be there. she's the biggest thing to go down with a phone hacking scandal related to rupert murdoch. the woman who ate with the prime minister months before being hauled off to scotland yards. i've got the weather details coming up.
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acquitted of killing her young she's out of jail, but casey anthony still has to watch her back. the woman acquitted of killing her young daughter was released this morn and faced an ugly crowd in her first moments of freedom. she's received dozens of death threats. casey anthony walked confidently into her life of freedom with a quiet thank you to a guard, it took her less than 15 seconds to walk out the front door of the orange county
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jail. an angry crowd chanted outside. anthony enters a world where many are still angry, a jury acquitted the 25-year-old of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> it really hurts. now she's free and that's really -- for me it's wrong. >> the florida mother spent three years behind bars. her release turned into an attraction for some. >> we just left one of the theme parks and we were on our way home and stopped in here. >> i thought it would be interesting to be in the presence of this. >> so you wanted to be part of history. >> anthony had $537 and 68 cents in her pocket when she left this jail, money sent by admirers. not even her parents know where she is. all her attorney told them in a text was that she's safe. >> media helicopters following anthony lost her as she disappeared into a parking structure. security experts believe she's
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a genuine target. >> she's going to need some immediate protection, immediate security. that's going to involve hiding her out, getting her in a place where public can't reach her. >> security is expensive, but with -- ranging from $1 million, anthony may be able to afford her new life of infamy. a woman in media mogul rupert murdoch's circle was arrested. the former head of the newspaper rebecca brooks -- she dined with the prime minister at christmas. hours after the arrest, a sup prize announcement. >> i have this afternoon informed -- of my intention to resign as the commissioner of
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the metropolitan police service. >> the head of -- resigning today. it was on his watch. the editor arrested last week was hired as a pr consultant to the force. both stevenson and brooks have denied wrongdoing. the worst thing to happen to southern california drivers is over. actually it never happened. the massive construction project that went off without a hitch. ,, man: everybody knows you should save for retirement, but what happens when you're about to retire? woman: how do you go from saving to spending? fidelity helped us get to this point, and now we're talking about what comes next. man: we worked together to create a plan to help our money last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line. oh, yeah.
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fidelity investments. turn here.
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no ising an estimated 25,000 walkers participated in one of the
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largest aids fundraiser in california. this was the 25th annual aids walk san francisco. the route covers 6.2 miles, mostly through golden gate park. and since 1987, aids walk san francisco has raced more than $76 million. the money going to prevent local -- testing and care services at 48 bay area aids organizations. carmageddon it wasn't. in los angeles the 405 reopened 18 hours ahead of schedule. when does that happen? and drivers wasted no time getting back on the road. crews wrapped up their demolition work of a bridge 18 hours early. for weeks authorities had warned drivers that traffic could potentially paralyze much of los angeles. it seems people went on vacation or stayed home. compared to a typical weekend, 65% fewer cars were on l.a.
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frees. that's your old stomping grounds,er erica i drove up on thursday thinking i was going to get in traffic, and it wasn't that bad. >> people listened. >> they did listen. now what you should be listening to is warmer temperatures on the way. in the meantime. here is a lovely shot of the sunsetting. ice so pretty out this. we see clouds over the region. not as much as we have been seeing. we'll take a look at clouds today. still tending. that will be the case through wednesday. we can see 77 for fairfield. vallejo 75. as we take a look at the low pressure system that still has influence over the region, it's not going to hang in much locker. we're going to have a high pressure system affect us all. that means warmer temperatures by wednesday. take a look at our forecast. we can see that. for the morning hours, that's
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going to dissipate and evaporate. for this evening, temperatures while ranging from the mid 50s to high 70s, gusty conditions due to the sea breeze, really that on shore flow of the low pressure system as it starts to be introduced and work its way over the forecast region. temperatures, low to high, 50s all around and expected highs for tomorrow, a bit warmer than we did feel for today. fremont 77, pacifica 61 and san francisco, your high tomorrow, 69 degrees. once again, here's the low pressure system. i like to show you this because this shows you exactly what's going on. here's the low pressure system making its way over the region. it's actually going to backtrack just a little bit. it's unusual because the jet stream usually makes it way from the west to east and this time it's going go backwards. this is going to expand and that means warmer temperatures on the way. the start of the workweek looking pretty good. we've got a cool start. sun and clouds that will mix
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out eventually and it's going to pave the way to a warmer and dryer week ahead. in the meantime here, here's a look at your extended graft. temperatures will start to get warmer but not until the middle of the week. then we'll see 90s inland. so temperatures getting warmer and seasonable. that's your weather. here's dennis with sports. boy, they could use warm weather in sandwich, england. i want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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battle with cancer. now 42, his best golf thought to be behind >> five years ago darren clark's wife lost his battle for cancer. now, 32 being his best golf behind him, he was scheduled to work tv if he missed the cut. wild weather day, it was raining on the practice range. miguel jimenez getting loose. mickelson might start dancing more often. he tore up the front nine. no. 7, eagle, yes. he caught clark for the lead at five under. it's raining with serious storms in the middle of the final round. clark's turn. chance for eagle at the 7 and he takes advantage. he's back in front by two. ninth hole, clark with a tough one off the fairway. low approach shot. it just gets over the green
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side. rolls up to the green. saved par. a fortunate bounce, and clark knew it. mickelson to save par at 11. this bogey spelled the end of his bid for the title. his mind went downhill after that. clark weathered the challengers and the elements and was able to soak in the applause, the tap-in for his championship. improbably victory for one of golf's most popular players. >> i want to share with everybody. i'm your normal ordinary guy. i want people to be -- it's been incredible how supportive. the people like me, they all seem very pleased. it's wonderful. i have so many people i could thank along the way, but to eventually get here at 42 is wonderful. >> safe to say the rest of the world was rooting for japan in the final of the women's world
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cup. a sentimental pick. they had never beat the united states. scoreless in the 69th minute, then megan rapinoe. then a left foot shot into the back of the net, 1-0 usa. the u.s. can't have the clock run fast enough. two minutes left. two defenders fail to clear it and it's put away. the match is level. headed to 30 minutes of extra time. 117th minute. u.s. up 2-1. is a ware directs the kick. america misses the first three shots. it came down to this. -- the giants called on matt cain to
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quiet the padres bats that erupted last night. he's 1-5. remember the killer bees in houston? not san diego. the giants harassed by a swarm. orlando hudson drives home two with a single up the middle. 3-2 san diego, cain allows 1 unearned run. 7th inning, andres torres, past a diving hudson, off matt latos. tied at three. the score stays that way until the 11th inning. emmanuel burriss score as go ahead run. brian wilson got the save. mc hammer bobblehead day at the coliseum. three out the first pitch. it was also '80s weekend. gio gonzalez making his first start of the 2nd half.
6:56 pm
he struck out eight in seven shutout innings and he got all the run support he needed in the first inning. jackson hits a grand slam off pineiro. still in the first, weeks singles. the 8th of the inning, a huge weekend for weeks. he reaches base -- times. they take three out of four for the angels. how about the boys in nascar. kyle busch lost control into the real. finished 36th and dropped to 5 5th in the sprint cup standing standing. carl edwards is the new points leader. jamiel weeks has a lot of history and he's red hot for the a. >> i don't know if clark would say yes, but can't you see
6:57 pm
batista, o'donnell, clark, on the cbs 5 golf tournament? he would have a blast with you guys. >> or take him fishing. i think you guys would have fun. i don't know. thanks so much, dennis. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is up next and your news and weather always on have a good night. ,,,,,,
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,,,,,, [ bell ringing ]
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